Aloha Jeana! I’m Ready to Join the Online 'Ohana Now!!

The online ‘Ohana is the best way to start incorporating the spiritual aspects and ‘connection’ of Lomi Lomi along with the techniques of the body work to create an opportunity for healing on all levels…
Continue to grow in the Lomi Lifestyle, find inspiration to experience more Aloha and open your heart to new possibilities!
Join us in this first-ever ONLINE community as we combine practical, clinical skills and powerful spiritual tools, resources and rituals to inspire you to create radiant energy in your Lomi Lomi practice and your life. You’ll receive:
Live Trainings, Q & A sessions and Masterclasses
Until now, these case studies were only available to my Spa Apprentices who pay thousands of dollars to be in my 9-month training program, but you get them for a fraction of the price as part of your subscription to the online Lomi Lomi community…and more will be added every month!
Everything you need to stay activated and energized
Meditations, Chants, resources library, downloadable worksheets, checklists. The online ‘Ohana is a constant source of guidance on your Lomi Lomi journey.
Meet your Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana
The ‘Ohana comes together online where you get to ask your questions, join the discussion, get help and share ideas. The ‘ohana is always ready to support you when you need encouragement, inspiration or someone to listen.
Share together, pray for one another, support each other. We are light bearers out in the world sharing this work. Sometimes, we need some reminding to allow ourselves to be supported by the lineage and by our Lomi brothers and sisters.
You’ll get the most cutting-edge, practices, skills and techniques to bring more Aloha and Pono into your life experience.
The online Lomi Lomi review courses will cover the most frequently asked questions I receive from students after they return home from a Ho’omana Lomi Lomi training. Forget the “opu” sequence? We’ve got you covered. How to properly assess the SI joint? It’s in there. Breaking down the gluts? We will walk you through step-by-step. 
What Existing Online 'Ohana Members say...
It’s like a Mana Boost for Your Soul
As a member of our Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana, you’ll get instant, ON-DEMAND access to online spiritual teachings and masterclasses related to every area of your life.  Mindset. Wellness. Financial Abundance. Relationships. We are here to support and inspire you on your journey to Unlock your Personal Power. A few examples of the courses you’re about to access…
Spiritual Teachings
Online 'Ohana Masterclasses
We have the ability to raise or diminish our mana based on our choices. Learn to keep your mana neutral, in balance, so that you can remain as pono as possible.

The Ha Mo'o ritual for divine inspiration and how the inhale-exhale relates to inspiration, creativity, action and manifesting. 

If you've ever thought, "I have all this training, but I still can’t support myself”, this video is for you! Learn to create an abundance mindset. PLUS, tips & tricks to book your practice
How to handle misunderstandings from a place of humility and grace.  Breaking down the Acronym of A.L.O.H.A. Akaha'i-Lokahi-'Olu'olu-Ha'a Ha'a-Ahonui 
 Manifesting Love in your life - Breakups, dating and falling in Love. How to bring Aloha when others bring Jealousy, Fear, Greed, and Anger.
Ho'omana Lomi Lomi Course Reviews & Tutorials
**Exclusively for Ho'omana Graduates**
The foundation and pre-requisite course to EVERYTHING we do at Ho'omana.
The first of two Advanced courses, exploring the Wisdom of the Bones. Beginning with the backbone, a symbol of our ancestral connection.
The second Advanced course, continue exploring the Wisdom of the Bones.  Focuses on circulation of nutrients all the way to the tips of the fingers and toes.
Incorporate hot stones into your Lomi Lomi practice. Learn stone gathering chant and what stones to use for different areas of the body.
Learn pregnancy massage techniques in a side lying position. Hold space for women who wish to conceive, pregnant women, and post natal care focusing on bringing the bones back together. 
Tandem Flow involves two massage therapists simultaneously using traditional long flowing lomi strokes, facilitating a sense of complete surrender within. 
* Coming March 2018
Aloha Jeana! I’m Ready to Join the Online 'Ohana Now!!
Who is the Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Membership for?
This ‘Ohana Online is for anyone with a Hawaiian Heart - massage therapists, light workers, caregivers and anyone who is ready to learn and unlock their own, unique healing potential.

Lomi Lomi is a lifestyle...part of the Hawaiian concept of wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit. 

You will receive coaching on the spiritual side of your practice. Deepen your intuition and receive tools to create a feeling of deep connection to Ke Akua, Spirit and the source of healing energies.

If this sounds anything like you, then you’ll LOVE the Ho’omana Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Online
You’re here today for a reason…

Whether its to create a sacred space of healing in your community, recognize guidance from the Ancestors and trust the “knowing” they provide, or integrate the Spirit of Ho’oponopono into your daily life.


For graduates of Ho'omana Lomi Lomi training, you’ll get access to all of the lessons you need to feel completely confident in your Lomi Lomi technique, especially for addressing specific muscle issues like lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Also, get support for client populations like strategies for working with those with special needs, children and pregnant women, etc.
You have been guided here for a reason…
And I am a BIG BELIEVER in miracles/activating energies!

Maybe something in your life isn’t the way you envisioned it to be.

You’ve been doing the work, but are starting to feel your energy drained and depleted.
You find yourself hanging on to past hurts and injuries, unable to let go.

You lack confidence in your ability to bring Lomi Lomi and the spiritual teachings of Aloha to your community in an authentic way.
No matter what it is, you know exactly where you are and you probably have an idea of where you want to be.

How are you going to get there?

Today, you have a chance to take one more step on your Personal Healing Journey.
And that’s my invitation for you today…

When I think back to 2002, right before I had the lightbulb moment to explore my native roots as a Hawaiian Healing Practitioner and learn Lomi Lomi massage…

Years into a successful physical therapy career I loved, but at my wits end working a steady stream of patients who needed more than just rehab for their physical bodies...

I just wanted the opportunity to treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit … so I could stop wasting my time on treatments that were not going to be effective and transformative over the long run.

All I wanted was to have the opportunity to access and share all of my healing gifts.

I had no idea that I would have the privilege to travel the world, inspiring others to become Children of the Rainbow and spread the arms of Aloha around the globe.

I had no delusions I’d become a Kumu, teacher. It felt like those positions had already been filled with people older and wiser than I. I didn’t know I would manifest the man of my dreams, four beautiful children and a dream home and business.

It wasn’t until I actually started doing Lomi Lomi with clients that I realized how powerful the work was, and got inspired around the impact it could make.

I just wanted to feel energized and amazing while helping others to heal themselves. Do you?

You’ve seen how these lessons have been transforming the lives of people all over the world…and now I’m giving them as a reminder to you, so you can step into your truest offering as well.
Aloha Jeana! I’m Ready to Join the Online 'Ohana Now!!
This program is not for just anyone who is just interested in pushing muscles instead of connecting is a deep holistic way to their clients or is just interested in being a gatherer or accumulator of more information…

If you’re not invested in “DOING” the techniques or “SHARING” in a way that’s easy on your body, gentle and therapeutic for your clients, and spiritually connected…this is not the place.

Becoming a powerful vessel of Aloha takes practice and a willingness to share your healing gifts with the world.
It takes time to connect to and create the Aloha bubble in your home and community…

A willingness to connect to the energy, not just the technique…

This Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana is for you if you are COMMITTED to carrying the torch of this lineage teaching.

Ready to carry this work to your community in a way that is spiritually aligned, therapeutic, effective yet gentle and that creates longevity for you as a therapist. If you are ready to throw your hands up into the air and declare:

Kupuna, I am willing to do whatever it takes to step deeper into expansion of MY healing gifts.
I am committed to continue to show up for this calling of Hawaiian Healing.
But if the commitment isn’t there, then this simply isn’t the place for you.
I respectfully ask that you not enroll .

The Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana is not for someone who blames others for why (or how they are or are not?) showing up in the world
This is not the place for someone who is comfortable staying stuck in the same old story.

But if you have a genuine desire to answer the call to bring your gifts forward…
And a genuine desire to carry the practice of Lomi Lomi with integrity honoring the lineage of those who have carried this work through generations so we could benefit from it today.

Then I look forward to working with you. I’m going to show you how to be confident in your Lomi Lomi practice. Deepen your intuition and receive tools to create a profound connection to Ke Akua, Spirit. Integrate the Spirit of Ho’oponopono into your daily life.
Aloha Jeana! I’m Ready to Join the Online 'Ohana Now!!
Join us in this first-ever ONLINE community as we combine practical, clinical skills and powerful spiritual tools, resources and rituals to inspire you to create radiant energy in your Lomi Lomi practice. You’ll receive:
The ‘OHANA is always ready to support you when you need encouragement, inspiration or someone to listen. Your Lomi brothers and sisters are all committed to one another’s evolution/growth.
Share together. Pray for one another. Support each other.
We are light bearers out in the world sharing this work. We need some reminding to be supported by the lineage and by one another.
And so I’m curious…how much would all of this be worth to you?

I’ve had so many students asking me to create an online community where our Lomi ‘Ohana could connect. We need each other! Traveling to Maui costs thousands of dollars. Personally, I am sharing these teachings in the classroom and online so much that I don’t even do private consultations any more. I just do community service work now. But when I did, these session would be very costly.

Other memberships cost $49 - $497/month and still don’t have the value of this loving community of Aloha. I wish that I had a platform like this when I was learning. I created this because I could not find anything like this our there!

…and that’s just ONE of the benefits you’ll receive from being in this online ‘Ohana

When you join Ho’omana Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Online, you’re going to receive the library of Review materials for any course you have taken at Ho’omana.  
Currently, we have 5 modules in the membership area: Lomi Lomi Fundamentals, Advanced Lomi, Lomi 'Ili 'Ili Hot Stone Therapy and Hapai Lomi - Hawaiian pregnancy massage.  We add one new mini course each month.

 On top of that, you’re going to get one new Masterclass and/or Case Study teaching advanced techniques for specific muscle groups, injuries and patient populations.

And by the way, each of these Review Courses are going to be sold on my website for $97 each.

With 5 courses and 5 case studies currently available (and more on their way), that’s a total value of $930 just for the Review courses…
But when you join The Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana today, you’re not even going to pay for the full price of one!

And consider this…

When you’re feeling stuck and not sure what you need to do to take your practice to the next level?

You can ask me your most important questions on our LIVE Facebook trainings and Q&A sessions

Without having to make the investment of $250 an hour to receive my personal coaching… and without having to pay $1,000-$3,000 for a LIVE, in-person Lomi Lomi workshop.

And if you don’t want to wait to get your questions answered... the entire Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana online is ready to support you.

So, What Exactly Is My Investment? 
Here’s everything you’re getting: 
  • The LIVE Lomi Lomi trainings and Q&A sessions ($997 Value) …
  • Hawaiian spirituality video training  ($141 Value)
  • ​Inspirational resources, meditations and reading lists ($97 Value)
Total Value: Over $1400.
But today, as brand new member of the Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Online…
Your membership investment starts at $57 per month…  
No contracts. No commitments. Cancel at any time.
Ho'omana Graduates get even more access:   The entire collection of Review Courses ($930 Value) for just $10 more.  That's only $67/month!
And if you’re really excited and want to enroll for the year…
You can get 2 months FREE when you choose the yearly membership option.

But if you're just wanting to try it out and see if this is right for you, start at $57 per month ($67/month for Ho'omana graduates with full access) and you can cancel at any time.

YES Jeana! I’m Ready to Join The Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Now!
This is truly an amazing offer and here’s why: 

1. The doors to the  ’Ohana are always open to you.

We are here 24/7 to make sure you live the life of Aloha you truly desire...

2. You've been called here for a reason.
It's time to say "YES!" to unlocking your own, personal power. Take this as a sign that your next right step is being support in every way.

NOW is the time to lock in your membership.

Try The Lomi ‘Ohana Online Risk-Free
It’s true, you can get access to...
  • ​The entire Lomi 'Ohana Online
  • ​Hawaiian Spirituality Video Trainings
  • ​The LIVE Lomi Lomi trainings
  • ​Q&A Sessions and Masterclasses
  • ​Inspirational resources, meditations and recommended readings
  • ​My Course review Library** (Ho'omana Graduates ONLY)
  • ​The Lomi Lomi 'Ohana community...
and of course me, Jeana Iwalani Naluai
Starting at just $57.

And it’s 100% risk free.
I want you to have total peace of mind…

So… Change your mind? Not a problem.

There are no commitments, no hidden fees and you can cancel at any time with a quick email to my team at: classes@lomimassage.com

It’s simple, easy and safe to try this out to make sure it’s right for you.

What Happens After You Join?
Since we are working like crazy behind the scenes to make this new online way of connecting a reality and currently accepting new members…
I want to be sure I’m able to give you the full and complete attention you deserve as you are brought into your new Lomi ‘Ohana Online membership.

You can login immediately and access the entire ‘Ohana online…

ON DEMAND. One course at a time or binge-watch like Netflix. 

It's up to you!


P. S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end to get to the “good stuff”, here’s everything you need to know:

  • Together we will hop on LIVE Lomi Lomi Trainings and Q&A sessions every single week (Valued at $997) so that any questions you have about bringing more Lomi, Aloha and Pono into your life? They get answered!
  • ​And if you don’t want to wait to get your questions answered, you have the full 24/7 support of the entire Ho’omana Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Online: an exclusive group of Lomi brothers and sisters who are all dedicated to supporting and encouraging you on your Personal healing journey (PRICELESS).
  • ​And by special request, I’m also giving you my Ho'oponopono 4-part masterclass as a special gift (Valued at $197). It’s a video training sharing the Hawaiian system for living in harmony with yourself, with others and with the divine.
  • ​ Every month you will get a new Masterclass and/or Case Study to strengthen your Lomi Lomi practice (Value $47-$97/month). 
YOUR PRICE: $57 / month
There are no contracts. No commitments. Change your mind. Cancel at any time. It’s that easy.

Become a member of the Ho’omana Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Online now. Click a button below to enroll.

Choose either the monthly or yearly option below...

Billed monthly, no contracts, cancel anytime. 
  • Hawaiian Spirituality Video Trainings
  • Lomi Lomi Case Studies and Trainings
  • Live Q&A Sessions and Masterclasses
  • Inspirational resources, meditations and recommended readings
  • ‘Ohana Online community

monthly membership for ho'omana Graduates only

Billed monthly, no contracts, cancel anytime. 
  • The Review Course Library *
  • Hawaiian Spirituality Video Trainings
  • Lomi Lomi Case Studies and Trainings *
  • Live Q&A Sessions and Masterclasses 
  • Inspirational resources, meditations and recommended readings
  • ‘Ohana Online community
The truth is:  The opportunity is here… now.  
You are here because the Universe guided you, and now you get to tell the Universe whether you’re serious or not.  
So which would you rather have?

One night at the movies…

Or a Lomi Lomi Resource library and worldwide network of Aloha that will dramatically elevate your practice and your life?


A couple of dollars a day isn’t going to make a big difference to you...

But the work we do together can change your life.

Accept this generous offer today and become a member of the ‘Ohana online now.

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm confused about the pricing
There are two levels of the Lomi Lomi 'Ohana online.
$57/month gives you access to the members area including, Masterclasses, live trainings, resource library and our private, Facebook community.
$67/month is for Ho'omana graduates only. In addition to the members area, graduates have access to review modules for any courses taken with Ho'omana Lomi Lomi training.
Can students earn CE's for online courses?
For now, Ho’omana does not offer CE units for our online courses.

Jeana did a Facebook LIVE video today and did mention that it is on our list of “To Do’s” for later this year. You can check out the video here: https://www.facebook.com/lomilomitraining/
How do I know if the Online 'Ohana is right for me?
If you have a genuine desire to carry the practice of Lomi Lomi with integrity honoring the lineage of those who have carried this work through generations so we could benefit from it today, to deepen your intuition and receive tools to create a profound connection to Ke Akua, Spirit. Integrate the Spirit of Ho’oponopono into your daily life, then this 'Ohana is absolutely right for you.
If I miss a live training, will I still have access to it?
Yes, absolutely. All live trainings happen in the Online 'Ohana Facebook Group and will be there for you to access any time you need. We also add a selection of them to the membership area on a regular basis.
Will I get direct access to Kumu Jeana?
Yes, absolutely!

Jeana is available on the weekly LIVE trainings and answers any Q&A's that have come in during the week. 
I would like to be a member of the “Ohana Online only I haven’t taken the class from you but from Louise Kleu and in the Netherlands from Amira Segal (Malamalomi Amsterdam). Can I still be an member or only if I followed your classes?
We are delighted to say that yes, you can join the Online 'Ohana. You will get access to all the Spiritual Courses & Live Trainings & Masterclasses in the membership area.Ho'omana Lomi Lomi Course Reviews & Tutorials are still reserved for Ho'omana Lomi Lomi Training Graduates. If you consider taking classes with Jeana, check out our calendar at https://www.hoomanaspamaui.com/our-classes/
Can I put the membership on hold? 
Currently, we do not offer the option to put your ‘Ohana membership on hold. Even though you will be travelling, you can view the live videos, review modules and the new case study that is released each month at any time.
Our Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Online is a 12-month program that can be renewed at the member pricing when you enroll. The membership can cancelled at anytime. You can rejoin the 'Ohana any time we open doors for enrollment again, but we cannot guaruantee that you get access for the same price.
Can I get a refund? 
Online 'Ohana is billed on a monthly, or annual basis. Because of this we operate on a no-refund policy.
If at some point you feel that the community is no longer a fit, just let us know and we'll cancel your membership. You'll have access right up to the end of your membership period, and you'll not be charged again.
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