The Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse
A Spring Cleaning for Your Body, Mind and Spirit based on the wellness principles of the ancient Hawaiian people.

Let’s be honest. Life can get really busy. Work. Bills. Kids. Social media. Sometimes, our health can get pushed to the back burner. Until there’s a problem.

So let me ask you - are you struggling with unhealthy eating habits? over-doing it with caffeine, junk food, or alcohol? Experiencing low energy or feeling sluggish?

Even worse - food allergies, eczema, or other chronic illnesses making you worry every time you sit down for a meal whether or not you’ll have stomach pain, gas or bloating later?

I can totally relate to you, and I know exactly how you feel. Which is why I put together this simple 30-day program that will walk you through everything you need to know about the Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse.

Whether you’ve “tried everything” or just starting out on the journey to your best health ever, the principles you will learn in the Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse can help you get there. Be notified when we start our next program! Super excited to see you in the program!*

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Imagine what it would like like, 30 days from now, to feel amazing in your body every day, Just like 
Barbara Jwanouskos
The Hawaiian cleanse was fantastic. I had a lot of stomach sensitivities before that calmed down while I was doing the cleanse. I had much more natural energy without relying on things like coffee and sugar. It also put me in tune with how I was using things I consumed in a way that wasn’t sustainably healthy. I was focused on what will make me feel better in the moment.
The Hawaiian Cleanse is great way to really give your body what it needs and help you transition into eating healthier. I lost a bunch of weight while doing it...Just an overall great program I can see myself doing a couple times a year.
Brent Kekoa Ramos
After decades of trying different cleanses, diets, and fads that have come and gone with minimal results, I was recommended to try a Hawaiian Cleanse. As an athlete, teacher, business owner, and parent - I needed something that was not invasive, or taxing on the body so I could keep up my busy lifestyle, and still allow me to function on a high-level within my martial arts practice. I also wanted motivation past the cleanse to continue a healthy diet, and needed it to be organically sourced and non-GMO. It has now been 3 years since my initial cleanse followed with daily maintenance, and bi-annual cleanses, and I have never felt better! I highly recommend it to anyone, of any background and ability that is looking kick start a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual body. The Hawaiian Cleanse is steeped in natural simplicity. Anyone can can do it, and everyone will benefit from it as a firm base for overall health and well-being.
What’s included in the
Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse?
Hawaiian Cleansing Kit
30-day supply of organic, hand-crafted herbal formulations to provide healing and nutritional support for your body as it goes through the detoxification process. Your kit contains the 4 necessary components for the Hawaiian Cleanse:
* Seawater flush
* Colon powder with benzonite clay
* Parasite tincture
* Hawaiian Detox bath salts
Access to LIVE Community Cleanse
You’ll join our live event happening Jan 11-14 in a private Facebook group! Meet with Kumu Jeana online daily to get your Soul food, enjoy daily support from fellow cleansers and the Ho’omana team. Ask questions, check-in for accountability and celebrate wins - big and small - TOGETHER
Interactive Worksheets
We created checklists, program guide and journaling prompts to keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle ideas, goals & objectives!
Chants and Prayer
Chant and prayers are powerful medicine. Learn to use healing words, vibration and intention to bring powerful transformation to your happiness and health.
Ho’oponopono and Spiritual Cleansing
Pono means to be correct, in harmony, spiritual alignment. To be well. Healthy. Balanced. It encompasses all things we want to have and need in all of our bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. 
Ho’o gives action. If you place it in front of the word pono, you are taking action to remain in alignment with yourself, with others and with the Divine.
Wellness Lifestyle Solutions
Together, we will be shopping, blending, cooking, and enjoying nourishing meals that will heal and energize your body during our time together. You’ll adopt incredible simple, healthy habits that’ll stick beyond the 30 days— ai pono meals and simple snacks, mindfulness practices to elevate your personal power and Ho’oponopono to clear your Spirit. Boost your energy and lose weight naturally, leading to a healthier and happier you
Ongoing Support
Meet with Kumu Jeana for weekly coaching, guidance and support to keep yourself on track. The Ho’omana team will be answering any questions you have as well. Plus, your Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse community will be sharing testimonials and transformation. 
You will have plenty of help along the 30 journey! 
Vegan Recipe Book
You will have an entire recipe book of delicious, nutritious recipes inspired by a plant-based diet. Amazingly cleansing recipes that you can make for the rest of your life. There’s even a raw dessert section using many nuts, fruits and the newest low glycemic sweeteners on the market.
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Want an inside look into the Hawaiian Cleansing Video Training?
  • ​Complete breakdown of the supplies, ingredients and protocol for the 4-day Hawaiian fast and cleanse. The herbal formulations have been combined by hand and include organic and wild-crafted herbs. Receive healing and nutritional support for your body as it goes through the detoxification process
  • ​Breaking the fast: guidance and celebrating your new healthy lifestyle
  • ​FAQ's: No, you will not have to camp out by the toilet and other things you want to know ;)
  • ​The little known reason why your detoxification organs cannot do their job properly
  • ​Common causes of poor digestion that have nothing to do with food
  • ​How traditional Hawaiian diet affects your health
  • ​Why emotional trauma, lack of sleep and anxiety affect your gut
  • ​Hawaiian meditation processes to release heaviness leftover from conflict and trauma. 
  • ​How forgiveness and mercy affect the body
  • ​Low stress vs. High stress foods
  • ​The teachings of Abraham Kawaii that will allow you to BE at the center of your power
  • ​Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats: How much is too much?
  • ​4 key factors to determine exactly how much protein you need
  • ​Why you may need MORE fat in your diet
  • ​The exact nutrients you need to get quick energy AND endurance
We’e created an exclusive Facebook Group for members of the 30-day Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse. You’ll meet others just like you and cheer each other on. You’ll have a place to ask questions and receive support from a community filled with Aloha. We will all be committing to this journey of vibrant health TOGETHER!
Real, delicious food that everyone from vegans to meat eaters will enjoy. Simple recipes with few ingredients make it easy to incorporate healthier eating into your lifestyle in a lasting way. 
Quick and Tasty Plant-Based Recipes for Everyone with Professional Chef and Founder of Feel Good Maui, Angelika "Angie" Hofmann.
Learn to make delicious, nutritious recipes that leave you feeling clean, light and amazing! We’ll share Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, Guilt Free and even raw recipes. Real, delicious food that everyone from vegans to meat eaters will enjoy.

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***Disclaimer: While the indigenous Hawaiian healing principles presented in this program are generally backed by scientific research, the Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse has not been scientifically evaluated. By registering for this program, you take full responsibility for your actions and personal results. You understand that this program does not diagnose or treat any medical condi-tion. You agree to use this program for education and entertainment only.
What fellow students have to say about Jeana Iwalani Naluai
 MaryBeth Jarvis Clark
Brent Kekoa Ramos
Before starting, I was most afraid that this would be just another thing I try and fail at -- leaving me stuck in emotional eating and a cycle of yoyo dieting that brings more and more weight gain. The ho'oponopono practices -- plus all of the support here -- are helping me find some peace and optimism around food and eating and all the emotional habits.
Anjela Wojtowicz
Brent Kekoa Ramos
Quite honestly, I don’t want it to end... I feel this program has been a bit of the universe testing me and making me stronger/practice standing up for myself in my decisions and self care and boundaries. With this cleanse, when I do things that are in align with my highest good, they feel sooo right... and when I do things that do not resonate, they feel sooo yucky. Mahalo Kumu Jeana for leading the way!
Theresa Huebler
Brent Kekoa Ramos
My body really is grateful for the Cleanse. Still enjoying the meals, good creative cooking only eating what I really need, is a whole new experience. Definitely going to continue with this Consciousness Eating. I Love it! - 
 Oceanna Visions
Brent Kekoa Ramos
I am so grateful for the new ingredients and creative recipes - my husband is getting on board and is even talking about doing the cleanse - WOW ! Thank you everyone for riding this Wave together....ALOHA
100% Money Back Guarantuee
The Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on digital content. If you go through the program and honestly feel like you didn’t get any value from the experience, email us within 30 days of your purchase. We require a detailed explanation of why it didn’t work for you so we can continue to improve. To get a refund, we do require you to go through the 30 days because we know how valuable and transformational the program is if done as it was created to do.
Note: Physical book ($25 Value) + Cleanse kit and shipping fees are not included in our money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions
I am a member of the Ho’omana Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana online. Do I get any special offers?
I have exciting news for you!! Check your inbox for a special coupon that you can use for the cleanse. Just click on the image and it will automatically be added to your shopping cart. I’ve posted it in the private FB group for the Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana Online for you also!
I don’t live in the US. Will you do International shipping?
Every country has different customs policies, shipping prices and timelines for delivery. If you live outside the US, send us a message:
What if I have questions about my specific experience with the Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse?
Individual genetics, metabolism and overall health varies. Bring all questions to the FB group, I will be monitoring it personally throughout the Supervised portion of the fast.
How much weight will I lose on the Cleanse?
Weightloss is a benefit of the cleansing process. However, the intention of this detoxification program is to start with a healthy baseline and make a lifestyle shift towards feell-good wellness regime.
Is the Hawaiian Cleansing Kit Dairy and Gluten-free? 
The ingredients and herbs in the Hawaiian cleansing kit are organic and wild-crafted, but not certified gluten free. I have had participants with gluten and dairy sensitivities successfully complete the program without incident. You should read the ingredient and consult with your doctor if you have concerns about the Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse protocols, before you join.
Do I have to spend a lot of money on special vitamins and supplements?
No. Everything you need to complete the 4-day Hawaiian Cleanse protocol is included in your kit. Once you break the fast, you will be eating simple, nutritious, whole food meals that you prepare at home according to your taste and budget.
Am I fasting for 30 days?
No. We are doing a supervised fast for 3 days and breaking the fast together on the 4th day. We will be re-introducing whole and healing foods and continuing with a mindful wellness eating practices throughout the 30 days. Cleansing for the remaining days is a seawater cocktail and small amount of colon cleansing formula twice a day.
What if I have to be aware of my blood sugar levels? 
You are taking the colon cleansing formula in juice to keep your blood sugar levels stable. We are drinking the formula every few hours. I will be monitoring the facebook group closely and available to answer any questions you might have during the fasting portion of the Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse. We have even had people come through with diabetes who are able to complete the program. As always, consult with your physician to discuss any concerns for your particular medical questions.
Can I go to work while I'm doing the Hawaiian Detox & Cleanse?
We have scheduled the LIVE event ( Jan 11-14) over the weekend so you can take some time to rest. I've gone to work while I've been cleansing, but it's not ideal. If you must work during the 3 day fast, please do not schedule anything before 9am. You will definitely want to be home from 6-8am. Keep in mind, you will need to do some meal prep for breaking fast on the night of Day 3.
What if my family is not supportive?
I will be coaching you through the entire 30-day journey to your best health. You will have the support of our Hawaiian Detox and Cleansing community cheerleading, supporting and celebrating with you. You are not alone.
Keep in mind, your loved ones will see your example of energy and positivity. They might even be inspired to jump on board. We can't make choices for others but can be the example of wellness for our loved ones.
Join us in the Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse today 
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***Disclaimer: While the indigenous Hawaiian healing principles presented in this program are generally backed by scientific research, the Hawaiian Detox and Cleanse has not been scientifically evaluated. By registering for this program, you take full responsibility for your actions and personal results. You understand that this program does not diagnose or treat any medical condi-tion. You agree to use this program for education and entertainment only.
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